August 20, 2010

IP-based Audio

What is IP Audio?

BICOM’s definition of IP or Internet Protocol based audio is the concept of transmitting and receiving real-time lossless audio completely on a packet based network.  Inherent issues with IP-based audio are that since the data is packetized it may arrive at different destinations at different times.  To further simplify the issue it is similar to sending emails to several people; there is no guarantee that the email will arrive in everyone’s inbox at the same exact second.  In the case of audio it must all arrive to all the destinations within milliseconds so that the audio quality is not subject to imaging or echo effects.


BICOM developed a custom patent-pending solution that completely solves inherent issues for IP-based audio.


Benefits of IP-based audio

Key advantages to BICOM’s revolutionary solution are:

  • Lossless digital connectivity of each speaker
    • Bit for bit preservation of the audio data all the way from your audio source to each speaker
  • Ability to easily send audio to many different speakers
    • Connect another pair of speakers on the network and audio plays instantly
  • Automatic configuration
    • Since each speaker is now a two-way device it can dynamically adjust and be configured through any web enabled device
  • Ease of use
    • No need to deal with separate components, if you have an IP-based speaker the amplifier, electronics, DSP, speaker cable is in one box – all you need is power!


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